Our Speakers


Jerry Colonna, Founder - Reboot

Anddria Clack-Rogers Varnado, Head of Strategy & Business Development - Williams Sonoma

Linnea Roberts, Founder & CEO - Gingerbread Capital

Lisa Bernstein, Former Global Head of Human Capital Administration - Apollo Global Management LLC

Beth Ferreira, General Partner - FirstMark Capital

Bola Osakwe, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity - KKR


Siri Chilazi, Research Fellow - Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Nnamdi Okike,

Co-founder & Managing Partner - 645 Ventures


Sonya Sepahban, CEO - OurOffice

Angela Matheny, Head of Diverse Manager Equity - Colonial Consulting

Jemma Wolfe, Head of Launch with GS - Goldman Sachs

Lybra S. Clemons, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion - PayPal