Rebecca Kantar

Founder, Imbellus

Rebecca Kantar is the Founder of Imbellus. Imbellus is a venture-backed technology company that is reinventing how we measure human potential

Kantar always enjoyed learning, but hated that modern schooling is so shaped by the multibillion-dollar standardized test industry. After dropping out of Harvard, she founded Imbellus, which aims to replace tests like the SAT with interactive scenarios to assess skills like problem solving.

The idea is backed by $23 million of venture funding, including $4M from Upfront Ventures, Thrive Capital and Sound Ventures. Kantar believes "high schools should be free to teach in ways that are relevant, practical and interesting for their students."

Kantar was an Entrepreneur In Residence at GLG from 2014-2016. Previously, Rebecca and her expert-network startup, BrightCo, joined GLG in the summer of 2014. Rebecca has spoken at several TEDx events, StartUp Iceland, Cisco Live, the Dell Social Innovation Summer Institute, the Nexus Global Youth Summit, the United Nations 11th Annual Day of Youth, and for teams at Coca-Cola and Red Bull. Rebecca was a Fellow at the 2013 Nantucket Project and serves on the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Humanitarian Response.