Mina Lee

Founder, East West Bridge

Mina Lee is a strategist, facilitator and coach living in San Francisco and Shanghai.

She supports the consciousness movement by bridging China with the West and strengthening leaders & organizations in the ecosystem. Mina does this through hosting intimate leadership gatherings, consulting, and ecosystem mapping. Partners include wellbeing and technology companies, retreat centers, education platforms, and funds.

 Mina also designs and facilitates transformative and culture building experiences for teams and communities. These include workshops, retreats and expeditions, conferences, and longer term organizational culture change. The core of her work is deepening trust and connection between people for greater joy, creativity and collaboration.

 Mina Lee helps leaders integrate their inner and outer lives, creating freedom for them to feel authentic, joyful and not-constricted no matter what role they are in. She uses a variety of tools rooted in modern science and ancient wisdom (Chan/Zen, Indigenous) and is certified in Music Medicine, an integration of Musical Therapy and Native American practices.